Anja Karisik, "Abalone #3", pastel on board, 16" x 20"


Whether painting vegetables, florals, or seashells, I look for the innate character of nature's roots, structures, and relics. I breathe intimacy with the past without being overtly symbolic. My paintings are studies of balance, rhythm, and light. They are honest and quiet; a far cry from the passions and uncertainties of daily life. Still they are a part of life, or they point to how life could be: simple and undistracted.

Cast of artists in Gwaii Haanas featured in Braid Films' Eyes of Society.

eyes of society

I'm delighted to announce that Eyes of Society is being featured aboard all AIR CANADA flights as of March 1st, 2017 for a four-month run. Filmmakers Allison Smith and Joseph Crawford of Braid Films capture Gwaii Haanas through the eyes of an artist, highlighting the imagery, emotion and artistic influence of natural spaces. This trip brings together artists W. David Ward, Andrew Sookrah, Anja Karisik, Gary Landon, Sophie Lavoie and April White.

Ciba Karisik, "Valley of the Ahr, Germany", oil on canvas, 36" x 48"


Loch Gallery presents "The Way of the Vine”, a collection of wine-inspired paintings by my father, Ciba Karisik. Ciba’s still lives and landscape paintings pay homage to the history of winemaking - acknowledging viniculture as a form of art itself - and shed light on the vintner’s quest for perfection, or what author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) called ‘bottled poetry’.